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How to make the link
To create a WhatsApp link, enter your WhatsApp number in the first row
Use country code at the beginning of the number to replace the number "0" with the first digit of your WhatsApp number.
Write down the message template you want (optional). Don't worry, there's no limit to the number of characters!
All you have to do is click “Copy Link”. You can start sharing it on all social media posts.
Or click "Open Link" to directly chat the number to test your link.
Let's create a WhatsApp link!
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Why Should You Use the WhatsApp Link?

With WhatsApp Link, get your customer's mobile number and take advantage of WhatsApp Marketing by establishing smoother communication with them!

By clicking on the WhatsApp link, your customers will be able to send you WhatsApp messages without having to add your WhatsApp number to their contact list.

Can work on Android and iPhone
Just simple Copy & Paste
Totally Free
Easily share with your audience on Social Media

FAQs about WhatsApp Links

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Can the WA link be shortened?
What is the use of the WA Link?
WA link used by whom?

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