Skyrocket your marketing efficiency through WhatsApp

Engage with prospects and customers through relevant contextual broadcasts. Immediately unlock higher open rates, engagement and conversion through campaigns

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Repeatable growth starts with continuous engagement

Win back inactive customers
Re-engage inactive or older customers with exciting new offers that they might be interested in
Promote product sales on launches
Offer discount coupons to your regular customers and drive initial sales as part of new launches
Nudge customers to review
Nudge users to review your products and service by sending them review links after their purchase

Target and engage the right customers at scale with Broadcasts

Create personalized and interactive templates using variables and interactive buttons within minutes
Upload a CSV of contacts and either trigger the campaigns immediately or schedule a broadcast

Measure performance of your WhatsApp Broadcasts with rich analytics

Monitor and derive insights from the performance of your Broadcasts
Tweak your Broadcasts based on their performance to optimize the ROI of your marketing campaigns
" is really useful for us at Mookie Cookie. My support team finds it very easy to respond to customers coming from multiple channels. I as a supervisor can monitor how my team is interacting with each customer in real time on the dashboard."
Owner, Mookie Cookie
"WhatsApp Broadcasts with have been a game changer for us. In a span of two months, we have seen a 3X increase in chats."
Adhytia Prilian Ramadhan
Head of Marketing, Artch Bags
"We had been searching for a tool that connected messaging channels and marketplaces for a long time - gave us exactly what we were looking for."
Bayu Aji
Head of Marketing, Margaria Batik

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