How To Create Telegram Business Account

Learn how to set up a professional and efficient Telegram business account with our step-by-step guide.
February 27, 2023
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How To Create Telegram Business Account

Creating a business account on Telegram, you can establish a solid connection with your customers and boost your brand recognition.


Telegram has 700 million monthly active users, which places it among the top 5 most downloaded apps worldwide as of 2023. In terms of individual countries, the United States ranks third for Telegram downloads, with 20.03 million users as of 2023.

For any business communication requirement, Telegram is an ideal messaging platform that offers a range of features such as large file transfers, unlimited groups, and channel members, custom bot building, end-to-end encryption, and advanced settings like self-destructing messages and passcodes.

But how do you create a Telegram business account?

This blog provides a comprehensive guide on creating a Telegram business account, its features, benefits, and how to use it to enhance your presence and reach on the platform.

Telegram for Business: A brief overview

Telegram is a popular instant messaging app compatible with various operating systems and devices, including a web-based platform that doesn't require installation. This app seamlessly combines messaging security with elements of social networking, offering users a unique and convenient experience.

Telegram allows for simultaneous use across multiple devices, has no file size limitations, and supports all file formats, including doc, zip, ppt, mp3, and MPEG.

Telegram also offers encrypted messaging and the ability to create unlimited groups with a capacity of 200,000 members and channels with unlimited members. 

The sign-up process to Telegram is simple and only requires a mobile number and verification code sent to the user via text message. Telegram requires no additional storage to operate on your device. You can free up space by clearing cached media while still keeping it accessible within your chats for future downloads.

Unlocking the Power of Telegram Business: Benefits You Need to Know

A Telegram Business Account enables businesses to efficiently communicate with customers and launch promotional campaigns through mass messaging. This account includes online orders, real-time support, personal assistance, customer feedback processing, team coordination, relevant information, 24/7 customer support, payment processing channels, and more.

Combot analytics service reports that one Telegram post can reach 60 to 80% of its target audience. A company can grow its loyal customers by utilizing an impactful advertising campaign within Telegram messenger, resulting in increased sales and a larger market share.

Benefits of having a Telegram business account

The Telegram platform is quickly becoming one of the most popular business messaging tools. With the help of a Telegram business account, you can take advantage of some of its features. 

Here, we'll explain the main benefits of having a Telegram business account.

  • Enhanced speed and security

Telegram emphasizes speed and security as it is easy to use, fast in uploading and downloading files, and easy to connect with your fellow members.

Telegram ensures users' cyber security since Telegram messages are encrypted, and the app can self-destruct. The secret chats can be self-destructed without any interference.

Set messages to self-destruct in all new chats via Settings > Privacy and Security > Auto-Delete Messages.

Messages can also be sent with client-to-client encryption in so-called secret chats.

  • Enhanced Customer Engagement

Telegram's open platform enables developers to create bots for customer support and engagement. Customers can also join public channels for updates on products or services, and companies can create private channels for exclusive access to customer service or specific offerings.

Customers also have the option to initiate private, one-on-one conversations with customer service representatives on Telegram.

  • Extensive Global Reach

Telegram accounts for 8.8% of the global population and is ranked as the 8th most popular social platform worldwide. India, Russia, and the United States lead in Telegram app downloads.

  • Marketing automation

Telegram provides the ability to create bots with any functionality on its platform, as well as thematic communities that are divided into groups and channels.                              -Source
With Telegram bots, you can provide automated multimedia responses to customer inquiries. The bots can send text messages, images, videos, and any other type of file. They act as a customer service representative for your business and can gather leads, send sequential messages on demand or at a scheduled time, and send promotional broadcasts without a 24-hour limit.

  • Analytical insights

There are two platform types in Telegram: channels and chats.
When measuring a Telegram channel's success, two main metrics to track are the number of subscribers and the number of views. On the other hand, for Telegram groups or chats, the metrics to focus on include the membership count, the frequency of messages sent (daily, monthly, etc.), and the level of participation from each member.

Keeping a close eye on these indicators can help you gain insights into the performance and engagement of your Telegram presence.
Telegram does not currently offer any detailed analytics. However, if you want to track your Telegram channel's performance, you can use third-party tools. These tools allow you to access meaningful insights, including the number of outgoing and incoming messages, the most active members, and the most frequently used words.

  • Payment integration

Payment integration with Telegram is possible but is not a native feature. To integrate payment methods on Telegram, developers can use external APIs such as Stripe API, Braintree API, or PayPal API. 

These external APIs allow developers to create and manage payment forms on their Telegram bots easily. Furthermore, developers can use the Bot API and BotFather to create custom payment fulfillment actions, allowing users to pay directly with credit or debit cards.

  • Aggressive Anti Spam

Admins in groups of 200+ members can enable Aggressive Anti-Spam to unleash the full force of Telegram’s experienced anti-spam algorithms in their chat.

These algorithms are more precise and efficient than third-party bots and allow admins to report false positives from the Recent Actions page to train the tools further.

How to create Telegram Business Account

Follow these steps for a telegram account setup for business-

1. Download the Telegram app from the App Store or Google Play and create a regular Telegram user account.
2. Go to Settings 
3. Enter your full name, advertising slogan, website address, company logo, and other contact information.
4. Confirm your phone number and create a username.
5. Configure business settings, including payment options, privacy, and language support.
6. Set up automated messages and custom welcome messages.

How to create a Telegram Bot for Telegram Business Account

To set up a branded Telegram account for your business on Telegram, unlike WhatsApp, you can use the Telegram bot. The following steps to create the bot:

1. Talk to BotFather: To create a new bot, you need to talk to BotFather. BotFather is a bot that helps you create new bots and manage existing ones. You can start a conversation with BotFather by searching for "@BotFather" on Telegram and clicking on the result.

2. Create a New Bot: Once you've started a conversation with BotFather, type "/new bot" to create a new bot. BotFather will ask you for a name and a username for your bot. The name is the public name that users will see when interacting with your bot, while the username must end with "bot" and be unique.

3. Get an API Token: After you've created your bot, BotFather will provide you with an API token. This token is used to authenticate your bot with the Telegram API. You will need this token to access the API and build your bot.

4. Build the Bot: With your API token, you can start building your bot using a programming language of your choice. You can use the Telegram API to send and receive messages and interact with users in other ways.

5. Deploy the Bot: Once you've built your bot, you need to deploy it so users can use it. You can deploy your bot on a server or use a service like Heroku or AWS to host it.

It's important to follow Telegram's Bot API policies and terms of service when building and deploying your bot, as well as any local laws and regulations that may apply to your use of the bot.

Customizing your Telegram business account

Here are some pro tips for customizing your Telegram business account to make it effective and appealing to your target audience:

1. Profile Picture: 

Choose a profile picture that is visually appealing and represents your brand. Profile pictures should be professional and should be an accurate representation of your brand. 

Avoid using generic stock photos or photos that don't accurately convey your brand message. It should be a photo you feel confident in and would be proud to have associated with your company.
All users can turn animated emojis and stickers into custom profile pictures for their accounts, groups, or channels.

2. Channel Name & Description:

Pick a Telegram channel name that is memorable and easily searchable, and descriptive. It should also reflect your brand's personality.
Write a clear and concise description of your channel's purpose and what users can expect from it.

3. Create interactive channels: 

Creating a personal channel on Telegram is a successful approach to advertising on Telegram. With the right strategy, the channel can be an excellent platform for a company to showcase its special offers and promotions.
Create channels that engage customers in interactive activities such as quizzes, polls, and surveys. This will create an engaging and informative customer experience and help inform strategies and decisions.

4. Direct Advertisements on Telegram do not work :

The company must create a popular, user-loved channel with captivating content to promote its brand on messenger. Direct advertising on Telegram could be more effective and will result in channel dismissal due to a lack of value and excessive marketing efforts. It's crucial to attract and maintain the target audience's interest.

5. Manage Separate topics in Groups: 

Any group can enable topics in Group Settings to organize their discussion into separate spaces.

Each topic works like a chat – with its shared media and notification settings, supporting powerful features like polls, bots, games, and more.

The default General topic includes the group’s service messages and pre-topic message history. Admins can rename this topic or hide it from the main list.

Utilizing Telegram tools for business

Utilizing Telegram tools for business can help streamline and simplify day-to-day operations, enabling you to get more done in less time and with better results. This section will detail the different tools available and how they can be used to benefit your business.

  • Telegram Groups 

Telegram Groups are chat rooms on the Telegram app where people can send messages, share photos, videos, and documents, create polls, and do voice/video calls. 

Unlike a regular Telegram chat, Telegram Groups are more structured and can consist of up to 200,000 members, meaning they can be used to build large communities. Furthermore, Group Admins can control the group by setting privacy.

  • Telegram Channels

Telegram channels are public discussion forums for broadcasting messages to large groups of people. These "channels" can be used to share news or discuss topics of interest to send promotional messages.

All Telegram users can join a channel as long as they know the link to the channel. Once they join, they can read, post, and comment on other members' messages. Channels allow users to quickly and easily broadcast large amounts of information simultaneously to a large group of people.

  • Telegram Security

Telegram is a secure messaging platform with several layers of security to protect users' data. It uses end-to-end encryption to ensure that messages are kept private between the sender and recipient and information is not shared with third parties.

Telegram also has an optional two-step verification process, which adds an extra layer of security for users. Telegram also provides a secure file transfer feature, ensuring that files sent through their platform are encrypted and only accessible by parties with the correct credentials. 

  • Telegram Premium

Telegram Premium offers exclusive features such as:

Telegram Premium is a paid option because the premium features require additional expenses from Telegram to third parties such as data center providers and service manufacturers. 

Best practices for using Telegram for business

Here are some best practices for using Telegram for business:

  • Do not act pushy with your Telegram conversations 

Ask for permission before adding someone to a group and invite people to join the group in a personal way, rather than adding them without permission. Find your target audience and connect with them via your Telegram Business account.

Reach out to your target audience directly. Start a conversation and inquire about their interests and why they might be interested in joining the group. Make sure you clearly explain what the group is about and the benefits of joining it.

  • Content Strategy 

Define your audience, identify your target audience, and create content that appeals to them. Plan a content strategy that aligns with your business goals and appeals to your target audience.

Regularly update your channel with fresh and relevant content to keep your audience engaged and interested. Maintain consistency in your messaging, tone, and branding across your Telegram channels and groups.

  • Execute on-point messaging

Write concise messages to save the reader time and effort. Eliminate excess words and technical terms. Telegram allows broadcasting without limitations. You can share rich content such as photos, videos, files, and text with an unlimited number of people.

For longer messages, use clear, concise sentences and format with lists or bullet points for easier reading and comprehension.

  • Respect the privacy of your group and channel members 

Respect privacy by not broadcasting messages from your Telegram business account without prior consent. Unsolicited messages may be perceived as spam. Obtain permission before adding individuals to groups, as this could be viewed as a violation of privacy. Store collected data securely and delete it when it is no longer needed. Before sharing private messages, clearly explain the reason and obtain the user's permission.

  • Monitor the Engagement 

Monitor user engagement and ensure they respond to messages. Monitor user engagement on your Telegram account and ensure they respond to messages.

You can use various methods to monitor user engagement on your Telegram account. First, you should track the number of messages sent and received by each user. This can be done manually or by using a tracking tool. 

You should also pay attention to the type of messages users send and receive, the average response time to incoming messages, and the average length of conversations. Finally, you can use Telegram’s built-in analytics to see which users are most active or engaged in the chat. 

  • Chat Links & QR Codes

Chat links and QR codes are important tools for Telegram business accounts because they offer an easy and convenient way for customers and clients to connect with the business.

Chat links are essentially a URL that, when clicked, opens a Telegram chat with the business. This allows potential customers to initiate a conversation with the business and receive quick and efficient support or information.

QR codes are similar, but instead of a URL, they are a graphical representation of the chat link. Customers can scan the QR code using their mobile devices to start a chat with the business.

Both chat links and QR codes provide a direct and accessible communication channel for businesses and their customers. They can be used in various contexts, such as being displayed on websites, business cards, or even in physical stores. They also make it easy for customers to start a conversation with the business and provide a more personal and engaging customer experience.

Unlock the Full Potential of Telegram with Engagement Platform:

In conclusion, Telegram business accounts are a valuable asset for any business looking to communicate effectively with its customers and clients. With the ability to send rich media, broadcast messages, and offer a direct communication channel, Telegram business accounts provide businesses with numerous benefits. is an engagement platform that can enhance the power of Telegram by streamlining contextual communication support through its multi-agent and multi-channel inbox, allowing you to easily create attractive broadcasts and distribute them intelligently with the help of advanced analytics that measures their performance, saving you time and energy. can help you boost customer loyalty by allowing you to run targeted campaigns for specific segments, simply by uploading relevant contacts. Its intelligent service also ensures that conversations are routed to the right agent at the right time, eliminating concerns about who is handling which interaction.

In short, creating a Telegram business account is a straightforward process, and integrating it with makes it an indispensable tool for businesses looking to communicate effectively with their customers.

Revolutionize customer engagement and provide comprehensive support for your Telegram business account with's omnichannel platform, which utilizes automated and advanced conversational marketing to offer personalized interactions at scale, delivering a seamless brand experience across multiple channels. 

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