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3 reasons to choose Donut.cx over WATI

Built to improve productivity

WATI helps you manage chats, but not solve customer queries with relevant context. Donut.cx assists every conversation you have by providing customer data and marketplace order history instantly so that you can send fast & personalized responses to your customers.

Deep insights from detailed analytics

WATI has only a live dashboard that provides little, to no insight to assess your team’s efficiency. Donut.cx’s analytics is more than just a live dashboard. You can observe your agents’ performance and each channel’s chat traffic through individual reports.

Pocket-friendly pricing

The best alternative to WATI is also within your budget. Enjoy all features of Donut.cx at an affordable cost. Your ROI is guaranteed to increase in no time. Stop burning cash and switch to Donut.cx to convert your customer support team into a revenue generator.

"Donut.cx is really useful for us at Mookie Cookie. My support team finds it very easy to respond to customers coming from multiple channels. I as a supervisor can monitor how my team is interacting with each customer in real time on the Donut.cx dashboard."
Owner, Mookie Cookie
"WhatsApp Broadcasts with Donut.cx have been a game changer for us. In a span of two months, we have seen a 3X increase in chats."
Adhytia Prilian Ramadhan
Head of Marketing, Artch Bags
"We had been searching for a tool that connected messaging channels and marketplaces for a long time - Donut.cx gave us exactly what we were looking for."
Bayu Aji
Head of Marketing, Margaria Batik

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